Wireless surveys

A successful wireless network deployment is completely dependent on the Wi-Fi planning process. Even people and furniture can have a significant effect on the way your wireless access points are positioned and configured.
The plan for your Wi-Fi network will ensure that you invest no more than is necessary in your wireless technology, and that you get the secure and reliable Wi-Fi coverage you need.

Our initial survey is a paper based survey that allows us to build up a virtual model of the building and then using leading edge planning software we can plan the location and quantities of the required access points to provide the coverage in the areas that it is required. This is a great way to allow you to budget the cost of the project.

Our next step would be to carry out an onsite full RF survey, this would allow us to confirm the virtual survey already completed and make any changes on site prior to the installation of the equipment. Our survey would survey the required frequency ( 5GHz and 2.4GHz) spectrums, with the latest 802.11 standards. Our wireless networking consultants will ensure there is minimal contention and no conflict between available wireless channels, so that every user enjoys the best quality experience, with fast response times and uninterrupted coverage.

Once your network is in place, we test it with tools that verify that it is performing to the specified standard. We take readings that show that the required coverage is present, and conduct failover tests to ensure that neighbouring access points can provide coverage if one of them fails.

We also verify performance, checking the throughput from the Access Points and giving you a clear understanding of what you should expect from your network.

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