Networking Audits

Times are changing for corporate IT networks and connectivity environments. In the current information rich era, the network has become one of the core enablers and facilities of a new wave of communication for organisations to increase IT network efficiencies to support voice, data and video but ideally aligned with demands to plan for the future.
Our audit is a networking assessment that allows organisations to discover network infrastructure assets, determine the current products, hardware versions, maintenance status, highlight end of life platforms, discover relevant service advisories and prioritise remediation’s activities.
IT departments are being asked to deliver higher levels of service with fewer resources, lack of availability of suitability networking personnel to undertake discovery activities has resulted in organisation not knowing the state of the network.
The network assessments activity delivers a networking asset inventory allowing organisations to understand the type, quantity and age of the network infrastructure devices with in the organisation. The summarised data is invaluable for an organisations contemplating physical of local changes to the network driven by increasing demands for a new network based services.

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