Cable Testing

With the increased importance being put on the physical layer cabling of a network infrastructure it is important to understand the capabilities and integrity of your current cabling infrastructure.

This is achieved by a network cabling audit. Excel Data Services will test all of your cabling links both fibre and copper with the latest Fluke DTX1800 cable analyser which will give you an insight into the protocols your network will reliably support.

As part of the cable testing audit Excel Data Services will give you a full set of test results which will include an A4 page for each fibre and copper link. This will then let you know what protocols you cabling system will support. Most network cabling audits are carried out when customers are moving into new premises and plan to use an existing cabling infrastructure or if the cabling is going to be used for voice over IP and the customer requires the security that the additional cable pairs are working to support the POE element of the voice.

As part of our testing we can provide a full site audit of patch panel ports, outlet positions, cable runs and even equipment that is connected to the ports such as PC’s and phones

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