Interactive Whiteboards

Excel provides both Smart and Promethean Interactive business and classroom installations.  Our solutions turn Interactive whiteboard into a powerful tool for teaching, collaborating and presenting. With a computer image projected onto Interactive Whiteboard you can simply press on the smart boards large, touch-sensitive surface to access and control any application. Using a pen from the SMART board Pen Tray, you can work naturally at the smart board to take notes and highlight important information. Whenever you meet, teach, train or present, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps your group save time, increase interactivity and improve communication.


New Product – SMART Board M680

The world’s most popular interactive whiteboard now has dual touch, making it much more than solely a front of the room device. With dual-touch capability, students can now collaborate together at the front,
or anywhere else in the classroom.cat9

New Product – SMART E70 Panel

  • Transform teaching and learning with the dynamic SMART Board E70
  • Drive collaboration and engagement with up to 8 simultaneous touch points*
  • Commercial grade, Full HD panel with low friction, anti-glare glass
  • Seamless integration with the full SMART education solution
  • Includes a SMART Notebook™ software license with 1 year Notebook Advantage subscription

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